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Pros and Cons of Having a Truck Lift

Pros and Cons of Having a Truck Lift

Big vehicles — and especially big trucks — are quintessential to American culture and comprise a large portion of the market. In 2022, light trucks were the most popular passenger vehicle in the U.S.

While trucks offer unmatched functionality, they also have a distinctive aesthetic appeal. Many people like the look of trucks that are higher off the ground, so they’ll use lift kits to achieve that look.

With a lifted truck, you can give your vehicle a rugged look, which is a sure way to turn heads. If you’re considering a lift kit for your truck, we’ve outlined the advantages and disadvantages of having a truck lift. Buckle up!

Pros of Having a Truck Lift

People lift trucks for many reasons, from functional needs to aesthetic preferences. Getting a truck lift might be on your bucket list, or you may have recently discovered the allure of this upfit.

If you’re wondering about all the fantastic benefits of getting a truck lift, we’ll dive into some of the truck lift benefits you can expect.

Custom Look

Why would you want to fit in with the crowd when you can make a statement and stand out? If you’re someone who’s all about individuality, standard vehicles might get in the way of you expressing yourself and accommodating your love for big vehicles.

A truck upfit is one of the best ways to transform a standard vehicle into a unique piece of machinery. In most instances, people who go for truck lifts don’t mind standing out from the crowd and enjoy adding on their desired adjustments throughout their vehicle’s life span.

A truck lift completes the look if you go all out and have made other customizations. Your vehicle will be uniquely yours. Even in a crowded parking space, your partner in adventure will always stand out for all to see. Having to stress and poke your head trying to remember where you parked will also be something of the past as you’ll spot your vehicle from a mile away.

Truck lifts pave the way for many adventures with your vehicle

Better for Off-Road Use

Beyond the countless compliments and attention you’ll receive, you’ll drive in style. Truck lifts pave the way for you to go on many adventures with your vehicle. After the updates you make, wild rides will be something to look forward to. From flying down gravel roads to enjoying the slide of mud after a fresh rainstorm, your lifted truck will be down for the challenge.

Vehicles that are low to the ground have trouble with uneven terrain. Vehicles with a higher ground clearance can more easily traverse obstacles and make off-roading a fun experience. Even driving on city streets with curbs, speed bumps and other hazards will be easier with a lifted truck.

After having a truck lift, irregularities, undulations and potholes won’t stress you out. If you ever end up on a poorly maintained road, you won’t need to use your GPS to find an alternative route, as your vehicle can handle all the issues. A truck lift kit is the perfect enhancement for road enthusiasts who love rough terrain.

Improved Visibility

When driving over different terrains, it’s important to be able to see what’s ahead of you to ensure you stay safe. Due to the raised height of lifted trucks, you’ll benefit from improved visibility. Before turning into a road and realizing how much traffic there is, you’ll spot traffic problems ahead of time. If you can, this will be the perfect time to avoid it. You can choose an alternative route by detecting any road hazards that lie ahead, saving you time and fuel.

With higher seating, you’ll have a better view of other vehicles further down the road, and detecting your vehicle becomes easier for other drivers. Through the added visibility, you can avoid unnecessary accidents.

Higher Ground Clearance for Inclement Weather

Some weather conditions like mud, sand and snow make it challenging when driving. If you live in areas with either of these weather conditions, a lifted truck has higher clearance to go through the hassles of challenging weather conditions. From harsh winter storms to sandy summers, a lifted truck can go through it all. These trucks can plow through any conditions you put them through without hassle.

In areas with a lot of ice and snow accumulation during the winter, you might even attach a plow to the front of your truck to clear snow for yourself and your neighbors. Flooding roads also won’t be as treacherous to travel through since your vehicle and engine will be higher than standard cars.

Easier Access to Truck Undercarriage

There are many instances when you’ll need to access and work under your vehicle for some inspections or repairs. Getting a truck lift means accessing your undercarriage is a breeze. You can do any necessary repairs without worrying about being in confined spaces. It will also allow you to do regular inspections on your vehicle to ensure everything is in order.

5 Pros of Having a Truck Lift

Cons of Having a Truck Lift

We have looked at all the fantastic benefits that make getting a truck lift an excellent idea. From higher ground clearance and improved visibility to a unique look, there are many advantages to this truck upfit.

However, there are some disadvantages to be mindful of. The last thing you’d want is to jump into a decision and regret it. Before you raise your vehicle, there are some things you should consider that help you decide whether the look is right for you:

  • Less stability: A truck lift goes beyond transforming your vehicle from ordinary to extra-ordinarily rugged perfection. Changing the vehicle’s looks also affects its center of gravity. The decision to raise the vehicle’s center of gravity creates some difficult-to-navigate challenges, like increasing the chances of a rollover.
  • Towing capacity: Lifting your truck gives you an immense advantage over stock trucks, but it may affect your towing capacity. While many lift kits still have towing abilities, you may not be able to tow as much weight or need other adjustments in order to tow loads. This is because the lift kit may not be able to keep standard trailers stable due to the differing heights of the trailer hitches. If you regularly tow heavy items, you’ll be better off with upgraded hitch equipment and accessories.
  • Increased fuel use: Bigger is better, right? Not always. Bigger wheels also mean bigger fuel bills. By getting larger wheels, your truck uses more power, resulting in a loss of gas mileage. When the total costs of the truck lift are added, can you also handle the long-term gas costs? If not, there may be better decisions if you want to save costs after the truck lift.

Factors to Consider Before Getting a Truck Lift

Now that you have looked at the pros and cons of lifting a truck list, you might be encouraged to get that lift and gear up for wild adventures. But, the right question you should ask yourself is, ‘’Should I lift my truck?”

There are many factors about your vehicle that affect whether a truck lift will be the right choice. Let’s look at some factors that can assist you in making the final choice.

How You Intend to Use the Car

Before diving into the upgrade, consider how the truck lift will affect you day-to-day. Any changes you make to the vehicle will change how you can use it. So, before starting, take the time to consider how you usually use it. Consider some of the daily, weekly and monthly errands you run, what you do with the vehicle and how often you use it.

For instance, if you drive for hours each day to get to work or travel the same distance for school drop-offs, will the decision work for you? You might desire the upgrade, but getting a 12-inch lift to the vehicle might make navigating your day-to-day tasks much more challenging.

Look at your usual activity to avoid being over-optimistic or potentially deceiving yourself. Set aside a week where you jot down activities and errands you run to gauge your vehicle use accurately. Doing this ensures you make a decision you’ll be happier with in the long run.

Consider how you use your vehicle

Local Laws on Truck Lifts

You might already have ideas about enhancing your truck and getting some vehicle modifications, but before you go making any changes, check what the law says about them. In every state and area, laws stipulate conditions for road vehicle modifications such as bumpers, lights and tags.

To ensure that you are on the right side of the law, read up about your local laws around truck lifting. In your research, find out about the information surrounding the greatest height for truck lifts in your states. Doing your research before making any changes prevents you from receiving fines for violating these regulations.

Suspension Lift vs. Body Lift

When you decide to take the leap and get a truck lift, you can choose suspension or body lift. Depending on your goals, you can go for one method or pair them together. Choosing them together will enable you to achieve the perfect height. We will look at what you can expect from each truck lifting method.

Suspension Lift

If your goal for a truck lift is to achieve the monster truck look, then a suspension lift is what you’re looking for. The lift allows you to raise your vehicle as much as possible. The vehicle’s wheels are pushed down from the frame and come in different forms. The forms include coil-spring bushings or full-blown suspension kits. When doing a suspension lift, you’ll need longer shock absorbers and other components as they enable the vehicle to compensate for the increased length of brake lines and alignment angles.

When doing a suspension lift, beware of the extra costs you incur for the adjustment, like replacing and higher maintenance costs you have to face over time. These costs are necessary to ensure your vehicle remains in the best condition after the modifications.

Body Lift

If the monster truck look is different from what you are looking for as you want to make minimal changes, then the body lift will be perfect for you. Body lifts enable you to get larger tires without changing the alignment angles and suspension height.

Body lifts aim to lift your vehicle a few inches off the ground. The look also won’t affect the ride’s performance or quality as the kits are usually constructed using polyurethane or plastic with a height of 1 to 3 inches.

The body lift kits include extra parts to accommodate the larger wheels. These parts have the transmission linkage, brake lines and steering wheel angle. Take measures to ensure the ride’s quality is unchanged after adding the extra parts through some added clearance before you head out on your next adventure.

Choosing a Lift Kit Shop

Once you’re clear about your desired look, goals and expectations, it’s time to decide where you’ll make a purchase. Don’t take this step lightly, as where you have the truck lift affects your vehicle’s performance after the transformation. So, invest time into your research process.

At Truckfitters, we have an expert team with vast industry experience committed to delivering the products and services you need. We’ll assist you in deciding the best look for you based on your vehicle type and budget.

Lift Kits for Your Dream Vehicle Look

When deciding whether to have a truck lift, the decision comes down to how you use the vehicle. Some factors might prevent you from getting the truck lift you had in mind, like local laws and your current vehicle usage. But, for those off-roaders, a truck lift might be the perfect idea for you.

Getting a truck lift doesn’t mean you should throw caution to the wind. It’s when you need to take extra precautions and measures to maintain your vehicle’s integrity. After lifting your truck, when operating the vehicle, focus on safety by regularly checking for signs of wear and tear, especially underneath. Through these additional measures, you’ll better detect any signs of damage before the issues get out of hand.

If you are ready to make that final decision and lift your truck, do so with the best lift kits in the game. At Truckfitters, we provide cost-effective and flexible solutions during the uplifting process while delivering fast turnaround times. Contact Truckfitters today for our lift kits that will boost suspension.

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