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Does your vehicle need an upgrade? Truck equipment and accessories can help improve its functionality and looks. Whether you want to see better in the dark, haul a trailer or protect your gear from rain or snow, Truckfitters has the truck accessories and equipment you need to upgrade your ride.

You want your vehicle to look and perform at its best. We have an extensive selection of truck parts and accessories and will work with you one-on-one to ensure you get the best equipment for your needs. Take a closer look at our available accessories.


Truck Equipment and Accessories
Top Branded Lighting Solutions

Light Up the Night

Safety is important, whether you’re driving along dark roads late at night or need to be on a job site after the sun sets. Our lighting solutions come from some of the top brands like Ecco, Golight, PlashLights and Unity Lights, so you know you’re getting trustworthy solutions you can depend on.

Some of the many lighting components you can find at Truckfitters include:

  • Lightbars
  • Beacons
  • Work lamps
  • Backup alarms
  • Warning lights
  • Spotlights
  • Driving lights
  • Off-road lights
  • Emergency lights
  • Marine lights
  • LED headlights
  • Vehicle-mounted lights
Truck Equipment and Accessories

Haul a Trailer

When you want to haul extra gear, you need a trailer — and you need some way to connect that trailer to your vehicle. A hitch gets the job done. Our hitches come from top industry brands, including CURT Manufacturing and B&W Trailer Hitches.

You can find all of the following hitch types and solutions in our extensive inventory:

  • Rear-mount hitches
  • Front-mount hitches
  • Bumper-mount hitches
  • RV trailer hitches
  • Receiver hitches
  • Ball mounts
  • Weld-on trailer hitches
  • Hitch cargo carriers
  • Hitch racks

Protect Your Ride

Rocks and debris can really mess up your truck’s front while fender benders and crashes can damage the front or back. Protect your vehicle and yourself by installing bumpers and grille guards. They offer an extra layer of protection for you and your vehicles.

Our truck bumpers and grilles come from Ranch Hand, an industry leader in building grille guards since 1986. Our inventory includes:

  • Grille guards
  • Bullnose front bumpers
  • Smooth steel front bumpers
  • Full front bumper replacements
  • Back bumpers

Get in and Out of Your Vehicle Smoothly

Sometimes, you just need a boost — and a running board or side step gives it to you. They also protect the sides of your vehicle from damage caused by road debris and gravel. We sell and install running boards and side steps manufactured by some of the best brands – Ranch Hand, Aires, Westin, N-Fab and Amp Research.

Truck Equipment and Accessories

Protect Your Gear

You’ve got a job to do and gear to haul, even when it’s raining or snowing. Bed covers shield your equipment from the rain and snow, keeping it nice and dry. They also offer protection from the wind and sun. When you’re on the go, you can stash valuable cargo under the bed cover to keep it out of sight. Plus, bed covers look good. They give your vehicle a clean, polished look, hiding the jumble of tools, parts and equipment underneath.

We carry truck bed covers featuring the latest latch technologies from Bak Flip and Retrax. Our inventory includes:

  • Rolling covers
  • Retractable covers
  • Folding covers
  • Fiberglass covers
Flatbed truck accessories being added.
Maximize Your Pickup Truck’s Capabilities 

Boost Your Lifting Power

Save your back and boost your lifting power by installing a crane on your vehicle. Cranes can pick up thousands of pounds of cargo like they’re lifting nothing.

We help you maximize your pickup truck’s capabilities with commercial cranes manufactured by Liftmoore and RKI. Our options range from 800- to 10,000-pound lifting capacities in hydraulic and electric configurations.

Truck Equipment and Accessories

Save Your Skull

You definitely don’t want cargo from the bed of your truck to come crashing into the cab. A headache rack attaches to the truck bed by your rear window and keeps cargo from smashing through the glass. It’s a safety must-have as it reduces injury. We’ll help you choose the headache rack that’s the perfect fit for your vehicle so you and your passengers can travel safely.

Cutting-Edge Truck Equipment

Upgrade Your Truck Today

If you’re looking for cutting-edge truck equipment and accessories for your vehicle, Truckfitters is your solution. We want your vehicle to excel on the road — that’s why we provide products that boost your vehicle’s capabilities. We also offer end-to-end installation services and fast turnaround times to get your new and improved vehicle back on the road.

Find truck accessories near you today at one of our nationwide retail locations!

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