Trucks in Workshop


No. The Truckfitters stores were designed to provide a top of the line service oriented retail environment. There are so many options for your vehicle, we want to be able to help you make the decision that is best for you which includes a visit with our sales staff and then a same day or follow up appointment with our professionally trained installers if appropriate to your purchase.

Absolutely. We service municipalities, state agencies, auto dealerships, leasing companies, energy companies, utility companies, local governments and contractors of all sizes and types. Servicing these companies well is an important and significant portion of our business. Please call us to begin the conversation of how we can partner with you to create solutions for your commercial fleet needs.

We have a lot of products in stock, but considering the huge variety of vehicles and applications, we might not have the exact part number you need at all times. If we don’t currently have it in stock, we can usually get it from our distributors within 24 hours assuming the product is not on backorder with the manufacturer.

Yes. Custom work is a point of pride for our stores. We consider our installers craftsmen when it comes to fabrication and creative solutions. From hunting high rises to one of a kind crane rigs, we can turn your project idea into reality. Please call your local store to begin the conversation of how we may be capable of performing the specific custom job you need done. Some of our stores are more outfitted for custom projects than others.

Yes. All of our stores have professionally trained installers in our install bays to install any product you purchase.

Depends. If for some reason, you cannot come by the store to pick an item up, we can ship to you for an additional charge. Some products shipping capabilities are limited because of the size or weight of the item.

Please give us a call. We have our top product lines listed on our site, but we can access many, many more brands and products. We have access to almost anything the automotive accessory market has to offer, so let us know what you need, and we’ll let you know if we can get it for you.

Products sold by Truckfitters are the products of a reputable manufacturer. Truckfitters will repair or replace products that may prove defective in material or workmanship. We strictly follow the manufacturer’s warranty on all products sold through our stores. Each warranty case is unique, so please give us a call and we can discuss your best possible action plan in getting a part replaced that is still under warranty. We also service manufacturer warranty repairs, even if the product wasn’t originally purchased at our store.

All of our friendly sales staff are experienced in the automotive industry and can help you make the best selections for your vehicles while also offering a full service experience including installation.

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