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Open Trailer Equipment and Accessories

Secure Gear and Equipment

Open Trailer Equipment and Accessories

When you load up a utility trailer, you want to feel confident that your gear and equipment are secure. That’s why Truckfitters offers open trailer equipment and accessories from top manufacturers. Our comprehensive selection of cutting-edge parts and equipment lets you organize your open trailer and keep your gear safe. As your one-stop shop for all your truck and trailer needs, we have a nationwide store network to serve you no matter where you are.

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Customize and improve your open trailer

Keep Your Open Trailer Neat and Secure

When you come to Truckfitters to customize and improve your open trailer, you’ll find a comprehensive array of storage solutions and secure tie-downs from trusted names like CTech Manufacturing and Kargo Master. We’ll assist you in finding the parts and equipment you need to enhance your trailer’s performance and appearance and provide fast turnaround to get you back on the road.

You can find all of the following open trailer solutions in our extensive inventory:

Storage Solutions

Don’t waste an inch of space in your trailer. Storage products make sure every piece of equipment, part or tool has a home. You’ll enjoy easier access to your gear and won’t be left wondering where you put an item. When freight is well-organized and easy to reach, your company can transport more cargo while drastically improving loading and unloading efficiency.

You can count on Truckfitters to help you choose the right storage solutions for your trailer.

Secure Tie-Downs

Keep your cargo from blowing in the wind by attaching it securely to your trailer. Tie-downs connect to anchor points and keep your gear secure. Our tie-down solutions keep your loads stable and firmly attached, no matter how bumpy the ride:

  • Ratchet tie-down straps: These heavy-duty straps have hooks on each end with a slotted spool in the center. Their high strength makes them the ideal choice for securing large loads of up to 15,000 pounds.
  • Bungee cords: Bungee cords are lighter-duty tie-down solutions suitable for supplementing other methods. They often hold tarps and other coverings over cargo.
  • Cam buckle straps: These medium-duty straps have high break strengths of up to 1,500 pounds and are easier to tighten than heavier-duty tie-downs.
  • Lashing straps: Lashing straps have a maximum break strength of up to 220 pounds, making them useful for securing smaller loads.
  • Winch straps: If your trailer has a built-in winch system, you can feed these straps through it and secure the buckles to your trailer’s anchor points to fasten your loads.
Secure the Products You Need

Get the Most Out of Your Open Trailer

Get the most out of your open trailer with equipment and accessories from Truckfitters. We help our customers secure the products they need to make their hauling rigs perfectly suit their applications.

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