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Auto Dealers

As an auto dealer, you succeed when your customers succeed. Providing them with the vehicles they need will build trust and keep them coming back for more. If you’re looking to offer dependable, ready-to-go trucks and trailers to serve your customers, you need to partner with a supplier you can trust.

Truckfitters provides commercial customers with the rugged and reliable trucks, vans, trailers and parts they need to maximize the performance and efficiency of their fleets. We are proud to offer the largest assortment of products in the industry, all sourced from trusted name brands.

Auto Dealers

Get the Parts Your Auto Shop Needs

We have the parts and solutions your auto shop needs to keep your customers coming back.

Service Bodies

No matter your customers’ application needs, we have the solution. Our selection of service bodies includes:

  • Standard bodies: Traditional service bodies have ample space in the bed for cargo, plus convenient storage compartments built into the sides.
  • Crane bodies: Crane-reinforced bodies allow for the ability to mount a crane of a suitable size for the job. Crane bodies also have storage compartments to keep your equipment organized on the way to the job site.
  • Dump bodies: Dump bodies tip up to easily unload materials.
  • Enclosed bodies: Enclosed service bodies have a roof and walls to allow for greater security and more cargo.

Truck Beds

We offer job site and utility truck beds with specialized features:

  • Stake bodies: These open truck beds are flat with sockets around the outside, allowing users to install stake side panels to confine loose cargo. They have a straight surface, allowing for a Tommy Gate to be mounted the rear, so loading is easier than ever.
  • Flatbeds: Flatbeds are truck beds with no walls, roof or end gate, making loading and transporting large or awkward items easier.
  • Specialty bodies: Specialty truck beds include unique components and are designed for industry-specific applications.

Truck Emergency Lighting

Get the high-powered emergency lighting your customers need. These solutions make job sites easier to navigate in the dark, increasing safety and efficiency.

Our emergency lights come in many configurations:

  • Lightbars
  • Spotlights
  • LED headlights
  • Beacons
  • Driving lights
  • Off-road lights
  • Vehicle-mounted lights
  • Warning lights
  • Work lamps

Hotshot Haulers/Transports

Our selection of hotshot haulers and transports includes both open and enclosed trailers to suit various applications, as well as many useful parts and accessories:

  • Storage solutions
  • Secure tie-downs
  • Shelving
  • Ladder racks

Farm/Ranch Truck Beds

Farm and ranch truck beds help users load, transport and haul cargo, tools and equipment across the job site with optimal efficiency. Whether you’re moving bales of hay, animal feed or farming equipment, our solutions can get the job done.

Cargo Van Organization Tools and Accessories

Offer your customers ready-to-go work vans with flexible, durable storage options.

  • Shelving and cabinets
  • Ladder racks
  • Improved interior lighting


Find What You Need at Truckfitters

If you’re an automotive dealer, you can get the truck and trailer parts and equipment you need at Truckfitters. When you do business with us, you’ll benefit from our vast industry expertise, fast service speeds, fleet-focused services and more.

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