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Lift and Leveling Kits for Suspensions

Is your vehicle ready for some off-road fun? If not, you need a lift kit to boost its suspension. Lift kits raise your truck’s height and increase the distance between it and the ground, so it’s better prepared for an off-road trek. They also make your truck look cool, and are a must-have if you want the most eye-catching ride in town.

Truckfitters will work with you to help you pick the lift kit that best suits your unique requirements.

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What’s the Difference Between Lift and Leveling Kits?

Which do you need, a lift kit or a leveling kit? Let’s break down the difference between a lift kit and leveling kit.

Lift Kits

Lift kits raise your truck body off the ground by lifting the vehicle’s front and rear. They use spacers or a rear lift block to elevate the body from its shocks and increase ground clearance by 2 ½ to 4 inches.

Pickup truck lift kits are designed to lift trucks much higher into the air than their leveling counterparts, meaning they can accommodate larger tires. If you want to go off-roading, this is the kit for you.

Leveling Kits

Leveling kits lift up the front tires, making the front and back wheel level. Most trucks feature a slight rake, meaning their front end is lower than the back, to keep the vehicle level when extra weight is added. If you install a leveling kit, you get rid of that difference.

Most people use leveling kits to improve their truck’s appearance. They also serve a practical purpose, making it easier to install a plow or winch to the truck front.

Suspension Parts

Our inventory includes suspension reinforcement solutions. These parts help you enjoy greater comfort and control in your vehicle with improved riding and handling. We offer everything from shocks to anti-sway bars to overload springs for commercial and recreational trucks, vans, trailers, RVs and sport utility vehicles.

Lift Kits and Suspension

Why Truckfitters?

At Truckfitters, we want your vehicle to look as cool as you do. We also want it to perform at its best. We work with an extensive network of trusted manufacturers so we can offer the largest selection of parts and equipment in the industry. We also provide top-notch services performed by our skilled and knowledgeable team of technicians.

When you work with us to lift or level your vehicle, you get:

  • Flexible, cost-effective solutions
  • Unbeatable service
  • Vast industry expertise
  • Fast turnaround and service speed
  • Fleet-focused offerings
  • Expert upfitting team
Achieve Greater Ground Clearance

Look Cool and Boost Your Vehicle’s Height With Lift Kits

You can raise your truck to achieve a better look and greater ground clearance with lift and leveling kits from Truckfitters. We are committed to delivering the highest product and service value and responsive customer support.

Contact us to learn more about our solutions today!

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