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Professional Transporters

Professional Transporters

As a hotshot trucker, you’re responsible for delivering time-sensitive loads across varying distances. Because hotshot trucking involves strict time restraints, you need dependable trucks and trailers to get you to your destination as efficiently as possible. Your fleet requires the best possible parts and equipment.

Professional Transporters

Improve Your Fleet With Truckfitters

At Truckfitters, we have a complete assortment of dependable truck and trailer solutions from the industry’s top manufacturers. Partner with our team to benefit from high-value products and end-to-end services performed by our experienced technicians.

When you come to Truckfitters for hotshot trucking solutions, we’ll help you find the ideal equipment to serve your operation’s needs. We offer an extensive selection of commercial truck products designed to make your job easier.

On-Site Emergency Lighting

Keep your site adequately illuminated, even at night, with the right lighting. Our truck lights make navigating dark areas easier, leading to safer working conditions. Your crew can also work faster with the right illumination, increasing productivity.

We offer on-site truck lighting from trusted brands like Golight, ECCO, Unity Lights and PlashLights. Some of the emergency lighting solutions we carry include:

  • Warning lights
  • Beacons
  • LED headlights
  • Lightbars
  • Driving lights
  • Work lamps
  • Off-road lights
  • Spotlights
  • Vehicle-mounted headlights

Truck Beds

Need to haul more or have an oversized load? The truck beds you choose make a difference. Some of the many truck beds you can find in our selection include:

  • Stake bodies: Stake bodies are flat beds with sockets built into the surrounding edges, allowing users to install vertical posts to confine loose cargo.
  • Flatbeds: These open truck beds are completely flat and lack walls, making them ideal for transporting large or unwieldy objects.
  • Specialty bodies: Specialty truck bodies are built to undertake application-specific tasks. We carry specialized hotshot truck bodies for improved hauling capacity.

Car/Equipment Haulers

As a hotshot trucker, the more cargo you can carry, the better. We can help you efficiently organize and transport cargo across long distances with our hotshot equipment. You can find options for both open and enclosed trailers in our inventory, along with a complete line of reliable hauling accessories:

  • Secure tie-downs: You can strap down cargo securely with our tie-down solutions. We sell cam buckle straps, ratchet tie-down straps, lashing straps and more.
  • Ladder racks: Our ladder racks allow you to mount ladders to the sides of your hauler to free up space and prevent equipment damage.
  • Shelving: We can install shelving in enclosed trucks and trailers to improve organization and equipment access.
  • Storage solutions: Our open trailer storage solutions create more space in your vehicles and allow you to secure tie-downs and other tools when they’re not in use.


Level Up Your Hotshot Trucking Fleet

You can optimize your hotshot trucking business when you purchase dependable truck and trailer solutions from Truckfitters. We listen to our customers to develop a complete understanding of their needs and find the most effective ways to meet them.

Visit a Truckfitters location near you or contact us to learn more about our solutions today!

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