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Private and Public Fleets

Protecting Your Vital Assets

Private and Public Fleets

Your trucks and trailers are the most vital assets in your fleet. Keep them running at peak performance by outfitting them with parts and equipment from a trusted supplier.

Truckfitters has a comprehensive assortment of dependable truck and trailer solutions for public and private fleets. We’re proud to provide our customers with exceptional customer service and cutting-edge equipment and components from some of the industry’s most trusted manufacturers.

Private and Public Fleets

Customize Your Fleet

Every fleet is different. That’s why we offer an extensive range of parts and services for trucks and trailers. We only carry the most robust and dependable products on the market to help our customers attain the best possible performance and efficiency.

Job Site Cargo Carriers

Boost your fleet’s cargo capacity with our cargo carriers. They attach to the hitch or roof of your vehicles, so you can safely load and transport larger loads.

Our cargo carrier selection from CURT Manufacturing includes:

  • Tray-style hitch cargo carriers
  • Basket-style hitch cargo carriers
  • Cargo carriers with loading ramps
  • Rooftop cargo carriers

Service Bodies

Make your fleet work better for you by installing customized and reliable service bodies. Our options include:

  • Standard bodies: Standard truck bodies have a spacious bed for holding cargo, plus handy storage compartments built into the sides.
  • Enclosed bodies: These service bodies have walls and a roof, fully enclosing cargo for greater security.
  • Dump bodies: You can use dump bodies to tilt your truck bed and unload materials with ease.
  • Crane bodies: This equipment features storage compartments and comes with a powerful crane that facilitates heavy lifting and loading tasks.

Truck Beds

Upgrade your trucks with customized truck beds. Types of beds in our inventory include:

  • Flatbeds: These open beds are completely flat and do not have walls or a roof, making them ideal for loading large or bulky items.
  • Specialty bodies: Specialty truck bodies are designed to support industry-specific applications requiring purpose-built equipment.
  • Stake bodies: These open truck beds feature sockets around the outside that enable you to install vertical stakes for secure cargo fencing.

On-Site Truck Emergency Lighting

Keep working, even at night or in dark conditions, with the right lighting gear. Our lighting solutions make it easy and safe to work after the sun has set.

We offer on-truck lighting solutions from Unity Lights, ECCO, Golight and PlashLights. Options include:

  • LED headlights
  • Beacons
  • Spotlights
  • Lightbars
  • Work lamps
  • Vehicle-mounted lights
  • Warning lights
  • Off-road lights
  • Driving lights


Outfit Your Public or Private Fleet

You can optimize your truck or van fleet by outfitting vehicles with parts and equipment from Truckfitters. We help our customers achieve high performance and efficiency on the road by providing them with dependable solutions they can rely on.

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