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Service Bodies

You need to keep your tools and parts organized so you can get to a job site and get your work done smoothly and efficiently. Aluminum and steel service bodies from Truckfitters come standard with shelves for all your gear, and we offer drawers as an upgrade. We have an extensive selection of truck and trailer products and efficient services from highly trained technicians.

Service Bodies
Improve Your Vehicles Performance

Your Options for Truck Service Bodies

The right service body depends on what you need to do on a job and what you need to store. Truckfitters has a vast selection of truck service bodies for sale, and we work with every customer to help them choose the product that will best improve their vehicle’s performance for the best price.

If we don’t have the right truck service body or the exact solution to your problem, we’ll go out of our way to source it for you. We want to make your project vision a reality.

Some of the types of truck service bodies we carry include:

  • Standard bodies: Standard service bodies for trucks feature a hollow bed for cargo loading and hauling with storage compartments built into each side. We’ll help you choose the size and style that best meets your requirements.
  • Crane bodies: Transporting a crane? You need a crane body, which has a built-in crane capable of lifting several thousand pounds. Crane bodies contain storage cabinets like standard service bodies, but the crane compartment takes up the extra space in the bed.
  • Enclosed bodies: If you want to keep your gear secure or are concerned about equipment moving or blowing away en route, an enclosed service body is the way to go. The enclosed body has a door on the back of the truck, making it look more like a van.
  • Dump bodies: When you’re hauling construction and mining materials, you need a dump body to easily tip the material out of the bed.
Service Bodies
Top Quality Manufacturers

Aluminum Service Body Brands

At Truckfitters, we only sell products from the top manufacturers, ensuring you get the quality and value you need.

When you shop for equipment at one of our nationwide stores, you’ll find the following brands:

  • CM Truck Beds
  • Reading Truck Group
  • RKI

If you want a truck bed from a brand not on this list, we can source directly from our manufacturers.

Why Truckfitters?

Why Truckfitters?

When you come to us for aluminum or steel truck service bodies and other equipment, our experts pair you with solutions that are perfect for your unique needs. We have fast turnaround times and end-to-end services to give you the best possible experience.

Here are just a few reasons why it pays to work with us:

  • Fleet-focused services
  • Extensive industry expertise
  • Top service speed
  • Flexible solutions
  • Industry upfitting experts
  • Unbeatable customer care

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Service Bodies
Reliable and Robust

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You can find reliable and robust truck service bodies for sale at Truckfitters. We’re as passionate about your vehicle as you are, and we’re here to provide the exceptional products and assistance you need.

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