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Different Types and Styles of Truck Beds

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The bed of your pickup truck is a major part of what makes it so useful, no matter your profession or needs. Whether you’re a farmer, contractor, professional transporter, fleet owner, weekend warrior or anything in between, there are so many ways to use a pickup truck bed. Manufacturers design many different types and styles to suit any use case.

If you’re in the market for a truck bed upfit or just curious about what’s out there, we’ve got you covered.

Truck Bed Styles and Sizes

Truck beds come in short, long and stepside styles:

  • Short beds: Short beds are a popular choice and one you’ll commonly see on the road. Short beds are those under eight feet, although exact measurements will vary depending on the truck manufacturer.
  • Long beds: Long beds provide eight or more feet of cargo space. Depending on your truck’s manufacturer and model, you may get twice as much bed space as a short bed.
  • Stepside beds: Stepside beds are similar to short and long beds but with a couple of key distinctions. Stepside beds feature a step in the space where the bed meets the cab or between the door and the back wheel. They also have visible rounded fenders that protrude outside of the actual bed.

Which Truck Bed Is Right For You?

Which Truck Bed Is Right for You?

Check out the pros and cons of each bed type to help you decide which one is right for your truck.

Short Bed Trucks

Short beds are great for truck owners who live in urban areas. Their smaller size means they’re easier to navigate through narrow city streets with lots of traffic. Short beds are also a good choice for pickup drivers who don’t need a ton of cargo space, as they offer less capacity than other styles.

Other pros of short bed trucks include the following:

  • Maneuverability: Trucks with short beds are easy to maneuver as they sit on a shorter wheelbase. This means you can turn, park and back up with ease.
  • Cost: Short beds are generally less expensive than long beds.
  • Fuel economy: Short bed trucks have better fuel economy than long bed trucks, so you can use them for your daily commute without breaking the bank.

On the other hand, short beds provide limited space, so they’re not ideal for drivers who use their trucks to move lots of materials and heavy equipment. A larger truck bed is a better choice if you transport big items regularly.

Long Bed Trucks

A long bed is your go-to if you use your truck for work in industries such as construction and agriculture. Long bed pickup trucks provide plenty of advantages, such as:

  • A smoother ride: Trucks with long beds handle well because the truck is longer and heavier. You’ll notice a smoother ride thanks to the longer wheelbase.
  • A better tow rating: Long bed trucks usually have better tow ratings than short bed trucks.
  • Greater flexibility: Long bed trucks give drivers more flexibility. You can install equipment and accessories such as toolboxes, over-vehicle tents and much more.
  • More opportunities for upgrades: Long beds allow you to take advantage of some of today’s most innovative truck features, like step tailgates, multiple fastening points and protective liners to shield the bed against your heaviest hauls.

For pickup owners who live in or near cities, a long bed truck may be challenging to maneuver and park. Other drawbacks of long beds include the following:

  • Suboptimal fuel economy: Long bed fuel economy can be much less than that of short beds. You’ll need consider fuel costs and your average mileage if you choose a long bed truck.
  • Less maneuverability: Trucks with long beds are not as easy to maneuver. They can’t pull off quick U-turns or fit into tight parking spaces, so running errands may be more of a chore than with a short bed truck.
  • Slower acceleration: While long bed trucks have more horsepower, their acceleration abilities may leave something to be desired. You’ll need extra time to establish highway speeds, which can make merging into dense traffic difficult.
  • Greater maintenance costs: A longer bed means more truck to maintain, and more truck to maintain means a bigger impact on your wallet.

Stepside Truck Beds

Stepside beds, also known as flareside or sportside beds, were popular in the past, but they aren’t as common today.

One advantage of stepside truck beds is their perfectly rectangular cargo space. Because the bed doesn’t fit over the wheel wells, you won’t have to work around the awkward humps that form around the tires inside the bed. This feature is great for truck owners who want streamlined bed space.

The step that gives stepside beds their name is also pretty convenient when you need to quickly and easily access what you’re hauling — no need to lower the tailgate or attempt to stand on the tires.

The main drawback of a stepside bed is that it doesn’t provide as much space as a standard bed regarding the area over the wheel well. Additionally, trucks with stepside beds are less aerodynamic than their smooth-sided counterparts.

How Truckfitters Can Help

At Truckfitters, we know truck beds. It’s a major part of what we do. We also know how important your truck is to you, because we love ours all the same. If you’re like us, you rely on your truck for work, play and everything in between. That’s why we provide top-notch upfitting services and truck parts.

Our truck bed inventory includes short, standard and long sizes from some of today’s top manufacturers, so you can feel confident whether you’re hauling feed around the farm, transporting tools and equipment to the job site or loading up the ATV for a fun weekend ride.

If you need help deciding how to upfit your truck, the experts at Truckfitters are here to help you with a custom solution. We’ll explain your options and work with you to determine what you’re looking for in a truck bed. Once you choose your ideal truck bed, our technicians will get to work on your project and deliver your upfitted truck in a timely manner.

Truckfittesr Has The Bed Your Truck Needs

Truckfitters Has the Bed Your Truck Needs

If you’re ready to upgrade your personal vehicle or commercial truck with a new bed, Truckfitters is your one-stop shop. Choose from our wide variety of truck beds from top manufacturers, including Bed Rock and CM, and leave the installation to our expert technicians.

Don’t need a truck bed but are still interested in parts and accessories? We work on Jeeps, vans, SUVs and trailers, too. Reach out to Truckfitters today to learn more about how we can level up your rid

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