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There’s no project too big or too small for Truckfitters. Our installation projects range from popular products like bumpers, tonneau covers, and leveling kits to custom fabrication projects for commercial use. We are devoted to providing the highest level of craftsmanship in the industry. That’s why we have specifically hired installers with broad backgrounds who can fabricate, weld and build the solution that suits your needs.

custom fabrication

Custom Fabrication

Truckfitters is dedicated to the design process. From the sales associates in the front of the store to the professional installers in our shops, whether for work or for play, we are confident we can make any idea come to life. Custom fabrication projects range from small bike racks attached to RVs all the way to frame reinforcements for crane body installations. Each project is completed by specialists with broad fabrication experience including welding, plasma cutting, sheet metal fabrication and other skills that will transform your project ideas into reality.

custom paint

Custom Paint

We can have your accessories painted to match or accent the color of your vehicle. In addition, preventing cosmetic damage can be achieved with protective coatings and powder coating that will inhibit rust and protect your paint from corrosion. A Truckfitters team member is available for a consultation at every store to ensure that your project has the look you want.

suspension work

Suspension Work

Truckfitters’ installers meticulously examine each vehicle and can improve any issues that may be negatively impacting your suspension. Suspension projects range from helper springs all the way to lift kits. Team members are available at every Truckfitters store to create solutions and further explain products that will give you the look and feel you want from your truck’s suspension.

warranty repair

Warranty Repair

We stand behind our work at Truckfitters and we carry products from companies who stand behind their work. We are an authorized warranty dealer for all of our commercial lines and will take care of needed warranty work or general repairs whether we installed the equipment or not. If you need assistance in working with a vendor to claim a warranty, our team members are more than happy to place the calls to make that happen. Truckfitters is your one stop for vehicle equipment and accessory repairs.