Truckfitters is lighting the way with PlashLights!

PlashLights are now being sold at your nearest Truckfitters Store!

PlashLights is focused on providing high-quality LED performance lighting and accessories at the lowest available prices possible.

PlashLights offer many products that may be identical to others that customers are already familiar with; however, they do not have the overhead, marketing, advertising, etc. that costs the consumer.


PlashLights Logo


PlashLights are built for the most demanding consumers in the Off-Road, Marine, & Industrial Markets.

Truckfitters stores currently provide the 6", 12", 20", 30", 40", & 50" light bars.


6inch Plashlight   6" Light Bar


12inch Plashlight 12" Light Bar


20inch plashlight 20" Light Bar


30inch plashlight 30" Light Bar


40inch plashlight 40" Light Bar


50inch plashlight 50" Light Bar



For more information about PlashLights, click here!

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